Sharon Bernadette Leota Rudder-Oppong was born in University College Hospital (UCH), London on the 9th of November 1969 to Charles & Vilna Rudder, both deceased. Vilna worked as a Nurse at Edgware Hospital and Charles as a Specialist Instruments Maker at Boosey & Hawkes. Both parents lavished their cherished daughter with love, assured her of a solid education and bestowed onto her, love and respect for her five siblings – Phillip, David, June, Norman & Stephen.


Poetic Tribute by Morris

Your commitment to life, was clearly without doubt,
As you endured a surgical knife, there had been no shout.
The cradle of living, was fully accomplished by you;
As each day was thanks-giving, for this you fully knew!

Yet never quite reaching, that fulfilment you so desired,
Now comes a time of teaching, as your babies you’ve inspired,
To give their own appraisal, of what life’s really worth;
For this they will amaze you, as you’re laid to mother Earth!

You will long live on, in the hearts that you’ve touched,
And when being so strong, amidst the frenzy of time’s rush!
For the man of your dreams, had been forever by your side,
See your grass remains green, and is forever summer inside.

Your belief will surely be, granted in the strongest light,
As your soul will come to thee, in your darkest of nights;
For there will be nothing missing, as you renew without scars,
And so in silence I’ll listen, trying to gaze beyond the stars.

Shaza… your journey’s road.

Sharon attended secondary school at Orange Hill, later renamed Mill Hill County High School, where she won numerous awards for her culinary skills and excelled in Business Studies. During this time, she sang with the choir on the original soundtrack of the feature film The Mission starring Robert de Niro and Liam Neeson. This honour was in recognition of Sharon being blessed with an incredible singing voice. Whenever Sharon sang she would raise peoples’ spirits and leave them wanting more due to her God-given talent.


By God’s grace Sharon led a fulfilled and varied life, filled with more success and accomplishments. After school, she decided to pursue a career in Banking. She was indeed the first Black female Financial Planning Manager at ‘Natwest’ with a bachelor degree in Banking from Westminster university as well. Over the course of her career in Financial Services, she also worked for Allied Dunbar, Zurich, and then afterwards became self-employed as an Independent Financial Advisor. Her clients and colleagues praised her professionalism and meticulous eye for detail, testimony to the fact that Sharon would always put in the extra effort to achieve considerable results. Sharon always helped her clients to the extent that on Tuesday 12 January 2016, she completed a mortgage for her client Wiley , before sadly passing away the following day.


Sharon’s love for others impacted many people who crossed her path, as she showed respect and affection to all people regardless of gender, age, orientation or social background. Hence many of her associates, particularly the younger generation were motivated to aspire for a better future, and helped towards a better application of their lives. Sharon volunteered at her Church for the ‘Hospitality team’ and also started her own business involving teaching local school children how to prepare nutritious meals to equip them, with valuable life-skills whilst indulging her love for food and cooking.

Sharon was Treasurer at Mia’s school Cherry Tree in Watford and she was also on the Board of the Afro-Caribbean Day Nursery in Wood Green where both Charli & Mia attended. Sharon also faced tremendous challenges including a period of poor health, which she could only have coped through the glorious power of Jesus Christ. She was feisty, independent and studious throughout her life.

Sharon also cared for her ailing Father, along with her siblings, family and friends: nothing was too much of a burden for her. Through her relentless capacity for giving up her own time and being there as a trusted confidante, friend and advisor, her legacy shall long be celebrated. Sharon’s home was always filled with fun and laughter, and the smell of baking and home-cooking.

Sharon’s proudest achievements however were her marriage to an unassuming, handsome, smart and incredibly charming Ghanaian export named Mao Oppong and the subsequent birth of their two daughters.

Her life on Earth will never be forgotten, her smile will be remembered always, her deepest love for her Husband and Children, shall linger on with every new day life has to offer. She will be missed.

Sharon Rudder-Oppong is survived by her husband Mao and two children Charli & Mia.